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By joining the Noyze Influencer Program, we will help sharpen and improve your social media strategies. We’re a marketing company, so we want to enhance and strengthen your online presence. You will also have a chance to make commissions on your sales through affiliate and discount codes. You can receive new launches and products from Local Utah brands like KIAVA Clothing, Twisted Silver, and Bathpack. Best yet, your content will be featured on ads, emails, and social content for recognition.

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We want to get to know you! The more we know about you, the better we can find a brand that suits you. 

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Create stunning social media content that tells a story about the brand products of your choice. Be transparent with your audience about why you enjoy it and share what makes it unique.

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Refer a friend or another brand to Noyze. If they sign up as a client, you can receive a fee.

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We only want to see you thrive. We can help you create both personal and professional content for Tik-Toks, IG Reels, and many other platforms during our monthly meet ups.

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