Tips To Having a Branded Social Media
by Noyze Marketing
July 8, 2019

Social media is a great way to build your brand, grow your community & connect with your consumers. Branding is important in social media just as it would be on your website or an ad campaign. Here are some tips to help you stay branded on social media while still creating authentic content to connect to your audience:

1. Consistency

You’ll hear it over & over again. Consistency is KEY when it comes to social media! Normally that advice about making sure that you’re always posting, but it goes further than that. Do your images have a consistent aesthetic? Are your graphics using the same fonts & colors? Is the tone of your copy consistent? 

Developing a branding guide is the first place to start. Although social media is a creative space, a branding guide with help GUIDE your content & designs to make sure you are staying true to your brand.

2. Quality Content

The images, graphics & copy you put on social media MATTER! Some simple ways to start doing this is batch working! Do 1-3 big photo shoots a month. The amount of shoots you do can depend on the size of your brand, the type of product you have, or the service you provide. That way you can lay out all the images, decide when to post graphics & create a content calendar. Doing this will increase the quality of your content, keep your posting consistent & help you stay sane & organized in the process!

3. Automate

Next up, automate as much as you can. This will help you stay on schedule with your content calendar & will free up your time. Nothing is worse than having to worry about posting on social media. Honestly, you have better things to be doing!! By automating your posts, you get the job done while also freeing up your time to tackle other big projects!

4. Post with Purpose

You might be scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest & see a graphic that really speaks to you. Maybe your out in the city & take a really awesome iPhone shot. Think twice before you post these things to your social media platforms. Is it on brand with your mission? Will your brand’s online community engage? Will it help sell your product or service? If the answer is no, don’t post it! Instead, share it on your personal pages. That’s why we have them!

Another thing to think about is to never just post a picture because you need to. If it’s time to post & you have nothing to post about, remember the section above about quality content!! 

5. Create a Team

Does this all sounds overwhelming to you?? Owning a business or starting a brand is a creatively draining, busy process & it might be time to start creating a team. If you have no idea how you are going to constantly shoot your product, or create a content calendar each month for Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Facebook, we would love to meet with you & see what our team at Noyze can do for you!! 


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