Top 5 Creative Apps
by Noyze Marketing
August 5, 2019

I love getting creative when it comes to social posts. Mess around on these apps & see how you can easily turn regular stock photos, or images of your own into a masterpiece.

  1. VSCO

I have been using VSCO for over 5 years. It makes editing my pictures so easy! The app is free & there are so many amazing features & filters on the free version. With the $20 a year upgrade you are given more color correcting features & the video presets. If the Adobe Lightroom app isn’t your jam, VSCO is the perfect mobile editing app for you!

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an amazing app that helps me crank out beautiful graphics in record time. If you are a business owner or manage any social media page, you need this app! The app is free but if you have the basic Adobe package (Photoshop & Lightroom) you get premium access to this app.

3. Unfold

Unfold is an app specifically for making Instagram stories. I love the clean template designs this app offers. They are simple so they fit every brand & style. The main features of the app are free but you can buy specific template collections for $1.99 each. Totally worth it in my opinion! I love how fast & easy it is. Although the graphics are designed for Instagram stories, they are the perfect size for Snapchat & the graphic ratios will perform well on Pinterest too. They just updated the app to offer more color options. Download this now & get posting!!

4. PicsArt

I use this app to add extra edits to my photos. From rainbow streaks to clip art, this app is so fun to play around on. There are so many free pictures & brushes to choose from! If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop but want to dabble in collage edits, this is the app for you! 

5. Procreate

This is the app I make all my digital lettering on. It’s also how I draw on top of my pictures. It sucks all the battery life on my iPad but I love playing around with this app & all the different brushes. This app is most effective when used with an Apple Pencil.


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