Top 5 Productivity Tools
by Noyze Marketing
October 30, 2019

I get it. Life is busy & everything moves so fast. Your to-do list can sometimes feel like an overwhelming tornado of tasks. TRUST ME, I’ve been there. These are a few tools I use every single day to keep my ducks in a row & make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Google Calendar

I have been hooked on this app since high school. You can link your calendars with family members, friends, or co-workers. It’s helpful if you have to coordinate or tag team with anyone else. 

Ivy Lee Method

This method is how I create my to-do list every day. I found myself with an endless to-do list. I was feeling overwhelmed & it made me feel like I wasn’t being successful. The unchecked tasks were taking away from all the amazing things I had gotten done. I heard about the Ivy Lee Method & it has changed the way I work & the way I think about tasks. 


Asana is an amazing tool if any of your daily tasks are collaborative. I love this for work. It’s a digital to-do list that helps me organize my agenda & keep me accountable for all my tasks. It also helps me prioritize because I can see future deadlines that might be creeping up on me. You will have to pay for this but if you work with a team, I highly recommend investing in Asana.


Milanote is the coolest tool & it’s free!! I use this tool for most of my freelance projects. I am able to create to-do lists, mood boards, & just save ideas. I used to use Milanote for all of my content planning but now I just use it to brain dump my ideas. I love it because I can go back & see all the ideas when I feel creatively drained. 

Time Batching

Time batching is the most productive way to get your work done!! For work, I create all my client’s content calendars on the same week. Each calendar takes 2-4 hours so I will block out that time to get it done instead of taking SO MUCH TIME & energy to post for them every single day. A way I time batch at home is I batch my meals. One day I will make a HUGE batch of protein pancakes & eat them the rest of the week. When I make dinner I always double the batch so I can use it for lunches the next few days or for dinner the next night. Find a task you can batch, put your phone away & get it DONE!!

Google Sheets

I have a Google Sheet for just about everything. Sheets is the Google version of Microsoft Excel. I love how easy it is to use. Google Sheets is now where I have all of my content calendars. I had a spread sheet for my wedding, our family budget, personal goals, all of my goals with Juvol & content brainstorming. I make all of my travel itineraries on sheets too. It really is the most amazing tool. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than a color coded spreadsheet!


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