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Noyze was created from the experience of JJ Shaw, David Bird, and Bradford Priest. Each of them saw a need to combine their expertise and years of marketing acumen to better serve their clients. They realized that their clients needed more than a design firm, media buyer, or a business developer. Their clients needed an outsourced marketing department to come up with strategy, tracking, goal setting, advertising, and much more. They continue to add amazing people to that team and are looking to change the way businesses do marketing!



we solve

Increase Your Sales

At the heart of every business is the need to increase sales. That is why our compensation is based on our ability to do just that!

Help you understand and act on analytics

Analytics are the most important way for you to understand how your business is doing. We help you understand and take action based on what the numbers are saying.

Find new ways to reach customers

Owning 3 of our own ecommerce brands allows us to experiment and find new ways to reach new customers. And we bring all the successful ways back to our clients.

Get a Better Return on Ad Spend

As a small business your hard earned money needs to be used effectively. We are hyper focused on the ROAS of our Digital Ad Campaigns to make sure we use your money wisely.

What makes us



We talk about “partnership” a lot but we really mean it. We know it takes both of us to make a company grow. We are expert marketers and you are experts in your industry. Together we’ll build your online presence, reach new customers and increase sales. 

We show that Partnership with a revenue share business model so that we only succeed when we both succeed. 


Transparency is one of our key values. Without it there would be no partnership. 

We always hear our clients say how much they love the bi-weekly reports we send them. It’s a simple thing but it is the attention to the numbers that helps us to consistently update and improve our ads, emails and other marketing strategies. As we understand the numbers behind your business we are better prepared to make informed decisions to increase your sales and ROAS.


Many new businesses know they need help with digital ads or building their website but because of how we structure our partnership we are able to start with your short term needs and then show you where else you need to go. We search out the new trends in marketing and bring them to you. Being proactive allows us to keep your businesses at the forefront. 


You aren’t reaching out to us because you want to keep getting the same results you’ve always got. You are looking to grow! And that’s exactly the kind of people we want to work with.  We understand the startup, small business and marketing worlds well enough to know it can get overwhelming. Our strengths in digital ads, web design, content creation and email marketing can take the load off of your shoulders so you can focus on your business and we can grow together!

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